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home.gifWelcome to El Mundo en Nuestras Manos

The title of the project, The World in Our Hands, implies that we are all responsible for the survival of the planet but at the same time we all have the possibility of contributing toward this. In the context of the project, the school community will be involved in activities that will alert us to the beauty of the natural world and the feelings of relaxation, reflection, freedom and peace it may bring. They will also help us to recognize the effects of every human being on the environment, as well as to incorporate environmental ideals into our everyday life, developing skills and attitudes to take care of ourselves and our planet forever. Finally, the overarching theme of European interaction and social development together with our better knowledge of our partner countries will contribute to a broader perspective of our responsibility to both society and the environment.

Instituto de Educación Secundaria
de Llanes

Tfno: 985 401 118 - Fax: 985 402 928
C/ Celso Amieva s/n
33500 - Llanes - Asturias - España

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Editor upgrade - by TWIOH 12/05/2008 @ 11:01

HI, I've just upgraded the editor of the website. When you want to writte a "noticia" or an article... Enter the Admin erea with the Password, then choose the icon noticias or articulos or Editorial ... Give the information asked in the boxes. For the text don't writte directly in the big spaces (firs for your native langage second for the English version) but open the icon on the right (a paper with a pencil)and you will get a popup to write your text with many tools availables. This editor accept flash, I will explain later why it can be useful.
I can now easily add PDF documents. As you can see on the left there is a new box called PDF for TWIOH.

When leaving the editor don't forget to save the popup and after save again berore you go back to the admin!
Nice Day

- by Marta 08/03/2007 @ 18:35

Desde el Departamento de Plástica: Seguimos trabajando como en ocasiones anteriores con el Proyecto Comenius. Ya tenemos las primeras mascotas para el Concurso Internacional. ¿Seremos capaces de difundir las fotografías de las mascotas en la Red?. Bueno, algunas imágenes ya circulan, Do you remenber?


Becoming acquainted with the project web page - by Eva 08/03/2007 @ 18:32

Hello! This afternoon a group of teachers belonging to the Comenius team at IES Llanes ;have met at the IT room so as to get acquainted with the project web page and, with Evaristo's help, learn how to write articles and news. We hope that from now on the page will be gradually implemented and the contents will improve!eek

- by Cristina 08/03/2007 @ 18:31

P>¡Hello everybody!

My name is Cristina and I have the pleaure to introduce myself as one of the nembers of the Comenius team of IES Llanes .tongue.gif

cartoons06.gifpresentation of Llanes writers - by Carlos 08/03/2007 @ 18:29

Dia historico, he aqui los nuevos coordinadores-redactores y fiscalizadores-filtradores de noticias.

The winners are:

        • Marta Outeiriño
        • Eva Suarez
        • Elvira Romano
        • Cristina Blanco
        • Cristina Casas
        • Eva Diaz
        • Carlos Peña
        • Jorge Gonzalez
        • The boss: Evaristo


- by Evad 08/03/2007 @ 18:26

Hola a todos!!

Soy Eva Dïaz, de la especialidad de Historia, y espero poder participar en este proyecto Comenius, no sólo a nivel de trabajo con los alumnos sino aportando mi granito de arena a la página de Internet

Aquí tenéis una imagen muy típica del paisaje de Llanes, los bufones. Os animo a que vengáis a conocerlos!!

cartoons09.gifNews - by Evaristo 27/01/2007 @ 13:03

At this point in time we are working on the contents of the project web page "The World in Our Hands". In a short period of time we hope to have it ready with all the relevant information about the project.

One of the aspects we have considered is the correct appearance of the page on screens with a resolution of 800 x 600, which are still widely used, that is why we have placed all the boxes on the same side.

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