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TWIOH - General Objectives

The World in Our Hands
Concrete objectives of the project

* To encourage the participants to improve their knowledge of the local environment as well as that of the partner countries.

* To stimulate the awareness of the students in relation to the biodiversity that surrounds them.

* To foster their capacity to appreciate, enjoy and interact with nature.

* To encourage the critical capacity of the participants regarding environmental damage, developing our respect for the environment and our motivation to act in favour of sustainable development.

* To foster the students´ capacity to appreciate, enjoy and interact with nature.

* To improve the participants´ ability to communicate using the medium of the Information Technology.

* To improve the participants´ ability to work cooperatively in groups.

* To encourage the participants´ interest for learning and communicating in foreign languages.

* To improve our teaching practice, sharing pedagogical experiences with our partner countries.

* To develop the concept of European citizenship.

* To achieve the involvement of the wider community (parents and associated partners) as well as that of the students with special learning needs.

We expect that the project will change our attitudes towards the environment, motivate students and teachers, improve our knowledge of our partner countries and establish lasting bonds between the communities of the different schools involved at all levels.

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Ostatnie zmiany: 28/01/2007 @ 15:04
Kategoria : TWIOH

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