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TWIOH - List of Activities

The World in Our Hands
Activities of the project.

* Exchange of letters, e-mails, photographs, cards and posters.

* Creation and exchange of a Power Point presentation of the different schools and their close environment.

* Competitions to create posters and slogans about environmental education, essays and poems about nature, a project logo and a mascot made from recycled materials.

* Field trips to study the geological characteristics of the area, as well as the local flora and fauna.

* Preparation of information cards and posters.

* Excursion to a number of places of outstanding natural interest, making a film of the outings.

* Field trips to nearby contrasting places: a degraded and a preserved one.

* Making of pressings using local flowers, leaves and tree bark.

* Adoption of a place by a group of students, visiting it four times a year to discover how the cycles of life fit in with the changing weather and the seasons.

* Celebration of environmental education days.

* Showing of films relating to the environment or made in natural surroundings familiar to the students.

* Analyze the way we live in order to find out attitudes towards use and abuse of our energy sources, waste generation and waste treatment. Discussion of results within each school. Comparative study of energy consumption and waste production in the countries involved.

* Elaboration of a waste minimization list of dos and don’ts, in order to make our homes and schools more environmentally friendly. Exchange of environmental initiatives.

* Recycling workshops to make toys, decoration, diaries, etc.

* Creation of works of art using unclaimed junk.

* Study of our local environmental problems and exchange of information between the project partners.

* Use of art projects to show environmental damage.

* Lectures and open forum about environmental issues, recycling of waste and renewable energy.

* Visit to a recycling plant, sewage plant or landfill.

* Explore nature as a medium for art or literary projects. Selection and exchange of local legends set in the natural environment.

* Study of literary texts representing the vision of nature throughout the different literary periods in each country.

* Elaboration of a glossary with basic terms in the different languages.

* Making of an ecological diary from recycled paper.

* Regular project meetings within each participant school, bringing together students, teachers, parents and representatives of associated partners.

* Annual meetings of the different partners in order to schedule and evaluate the activities in detail.

* Making of a project web page.

* Design and development of a Comenius Area within each school.

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